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8 Tips For Your Recruiting Videos Featured

recruiting videos

With the start of HS Football right around the corner we thought we would share some advice on the all important recruiting video.  Over the years we have created dozens of these for local athletes and have some free advice for you players (or parents) when you set out to gain exposure.

#1 Yes You Need Some Video

First off, yes you do need a highlight "tape" or "recruiting video".  Its one of the best ways to gain some attention and perhaps get your talents in front of a College Recruiter.  It does not take the place of a in-person practice/combine/camp where they can see you for themselves but its the next best thing.

#2 Yes You Can Do it Yourself

Alll you need is some good video (more on that below) and a editing program for your computer.  There are plenty out there to choose from for both PC and Mac.  For PC we like Sony Vegas Studio, for Mac iMovie should suffice.  People encode (create the finished video) on DVD but digital upload is the way to go (more on that below).

#3 Use a Tripod

Watching shakey video is a pain.  You don't need to spend a lot of money, just get something stable.

#4 Put the Best Stuff First

If a recruiter or media representative is taking the time to watch your video among the THOUSANDS out there it needs to stand out, or at least entertain.  Put your best clips up front (TD's, INT's, Sacks, pancake blocks, big hits).  When I watch a video of a QB, WR, RB and the first play I see is not a TD or other sick play I question how good the player is.  Don't have any "wow" plays?  Your tape is not ready yet.

#5 Dont Put Pictures On it

Other that a quick headshot or picture of you in uniform dont put pictures on your highight reel.  Recruiters don't want to watch a slide show.

#6 Use a Instrumental Track or Just Use Game Audio

You are not makeing a hip-hop video, the music may be cool to you, but not necessarily to your audience.  In fact they don't care what music you selected and are probably watching with the volume turned down anyway.  Create a seperate video for your own personal use and use whatever music you'd like, but keep it off your official tape.

#7 Upload the Video to YouTube

Its a must that your video be A) Findable, and B) shareable.  Nothing beats YouTube for that.  Yes, if you are using Hudl (which is a great tool) you will want to have it there too.

#8 Record Useful Information

Finally make sure you include somewhere when the video was made and what school you attend.  If the viewer wants to learn more about you they can usually do a search or find your schools contact information.  The best place to put contact information (email, twitter, etc) is in the video description, not on the video itself.

There you go some tips for making your recruting video, now go out on the field and make some highlights!

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